Monday, February 13, 2017

Better Late than Never!!

Hey everybody,

Sorry about last week, we were in the middle of emailing last week and the internet crashed way hard.

A couple of weeks ago the Fiber optic cable from South Africa and Mada got cut, and we have been struggling to get any internet since then. Things have been running much smoother today and I think that they have finally fixed the problem.

Anyways, on to other news. Last night we were sitting in a lesson when I got a phone call from a number that I hadn't seen for a very long time. Hopefully you all remember Salim. He was the big Muslim man that we found in Tana about 6 months ago, (where did the time go?) you know, the one that wouldn't answer his door so Elder Bassett and I let ourselves in. He called me last night just to let me know that HE GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!! I think I almost dropped the phone I was so happy. He and his whole family got baptized. It may have been one of the happiest phone calls of my mission. Saika nitomany izaho. So, that was pretty awesome. Other than that, things have been pretty normal. We had a great lesson with Donne and Mihary last Saturday. Our branch president and his wife came over with us to teach a lesson about the temple and eternal families. It was awesome to have them there to talk about it because they have been to the Temple!! Not many people here in Madagascar have made it to the Temple yet, it's just too far away and it costs so much, and that's just really discouraging for a lot of people, so it was a great lesson to teach Donne and Mihary and can help them understand that eternal families are possible. Now all that is left is to find Donne a job quick so that he will be able to stay here in town and get baptized with his family.

One of the things that I have been thinking about a lot lately is families. How blessed are we to have a restored knowledge of the Temple and eternal families? Pretty blessed, I would say. Nothing can really compare. Our Heavenly Father is so mahay raha (he's just good at things). He perfectly organized the family the support and help each other on the path to eternal life. Now that's not to say that all families are perfect, but that is where repentance comes in to play. Which, by the way is another part of His plan. It's just awesome how well it all works out when you follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ and use His Atonement. There is literally nothing that could possibly go wrong, at least not permanently. No matter what, if we will stay close to The Savior's example and follow him always, we can just trust that all things will eventually work out and that we will all meet up again in a much better place. I know that that is true, and I'm so grateful for the influence of this gospel in my life. Love you all,

Elder Jensen
 Guess this little guy likes Coke.

 A river runs through a village.

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 A sunny day.

Just realized I forgot my scripture study for the week: D&C 132:15-18