Monday, September 7, 2015

First Email from Ryker

Hey dad! Manahoana! Just finished up day two and I love it here! My P days will be on Thursday so that will be the day to check for emails. Today was a little different because it was my first week but next week I'll get a real P-day. Share this email with the fam cause i don't actually have mommas email. Anyways this place is great the food rocks. There are only five elders in my branch because we are the only Malagasys that are here right now. My companions are Elders Nelson and Ulrich and they seem like pretty cool guys. I just got made senior companion! Haha we showed up to class yesterday and our teacher it turns out isn't allowed to say a word of english to us the entire time we're here. I feel like we're actually catching on pretty quick! Today i learned how to pray in Malagasy which makes me feel pretty cool. We also learned how to say awesome which is pretty much my new favorite word. I don't actually remember it at the moment but i will! I feel so blessed i can already see the gift of tongues starting to work. I just hope it works fast as i have to teach a lesson in Malagasy tomorrow. I want you all to know that there is no where else i'd rather be, and i'm doing fine. My branch president just gave me five minutes to write this email so you wouldn't worry until P-day so I'm gonna end it now. 
Love you all so much!!
Elder Jensen

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