Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Transfer #4 Begins- February 22, 2016

This week was pretty decent. My new comp Elder Gariki is way great so we're having a blast here in Antsirabe. We still have a lot of people that are coming right alone for baptism which is way great. We even had 10 people at church last week, so that was way nice. The only problem is that most of the ones who are supposed to be baptized on the 5th of March didn't come for various reasons, so we will probably have to push back the bap dates to the 19th. Also some more rotten news, This time it's about Sitraka. I don't know if you all remember hearing about her, but we've been teaching her since we got here. She is 18 and was basically a member. She came to church every week, she even went to seminary. The only reason she isn't baptized is that her father won't accept it. You see her mom is catholic, her dad is Jehova's Witness, and her and her sister pray with us. Anyways they didn't like praying at different churches so her parents decided that they are all leaving their churches and joining the Lutheran church. I know it makes 0 sense at all but that's what it is. It literally breaks my heart to think how close she was. She knows that the church is true, but she can't do anything about it and it just sucks. I don't know what else to do for her. Anyways enough of that things are still good here. Our schedule is way full most days so things are still going great here. Love you all so much,
Elder Jensen

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