Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another Great Adventure




Hey everybody!

Life is still great here in Antsirabe. Here are a few things I learned this week.
1. Missions rock (Already knew that)

2. The church is true (Also knew that)

3. Dogs here are mean

4. Dog bites here suck

5. Tahitians are great cooks

6. Missions go by way too fast
Firstly, missions rock. Like I said, already knew that one, it just kind of gets reestablished every week. We actually had to push back the baptisms from the 5th to the 19th. It kind of sucks, but none of them were quite ready yet. It's ok though because of the second thing, the church is true. Always knew that one, but it's still nice to get a refresher. I feel like every time we teach anyone it just comes more and more clearer. There is no other way to eternal life, but the gospel of Jesus Christ. We see it every day here, these people are all missing something. They don't know what it is, but we do! It's the greatest thing ever. Third thing, dogs are freaking mean in this country. If you are out late at night they will bark and follow you the whole way home. Normally it's ok though because they are scared of people. If you go to pick up a rock or even just flinch at them they will turn and run away. Anyways, this week we found one that is not scared of people. At all. And Elder Gariki got bit by a dog. It actually wasn't too bad it just kind of left a little cut just below his calf but it sure scared the crap out of us. Anyways dog bite protocol for missionaries is that we have to be able to track the dog for 10 days to make sure he's not sick. We got lucky in that it was actually someone's dog and not just a stray, or we for sure would have lost it. Anyways, if it disappears in the next ten days, we will have to go to tana and get him a rabies shot. We went home for a minute after and I fixed him up with some Hydrogen Peroxide and a princess band-aid (thanks dad), and we were right back out to work. So basically y'all can just call me Dr. Elder Jensen from now on. Thing fahadimy, Tahitians are great cooks. Elder Gariki fixed us up some beef stew with rice yesterday and it was freaking amazing, one of the best meals since I've been here. And finally, missions go to fast. On Wednesday I hit my 6 month mark. It seems like just yesterday we all said goodbye, it's all going so fast. Love you all so much,

Elder Jensen

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