Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 20, 2016- Baptisms

Hey everybody!!
How's life back home? Things are still going great here in Mada. The week started out really well! We taught some really great times. Then friday we got a bomb dropped on us. Elder Coleman has an ingrown toenail, and isn't allowed to work for a week. We've been just doing half day splits and rotating with the other missionaries here in Fort D just so that our area doesn't completely die at once. It makes it really hard to decide who to teach because we only have time for 3 or 4 lessons a day, so we have to just focus completely on investigators that are close to baptism, which makes for a frantic couple of hours every day. I would say my favorite investigators here right now are Mahala and Alvine. They are a younger couple, about 30 years old, and they should be getting baptized on April 30. They also have 2 little girls and one other child that died when he was really little. We focus a lot on eternal families and it's been great to just see them come to realize that they can see their little boy again some day. They are such a happy family now and it's just a blast every time we visit. Actually, Mahala has worked the last couple of sundays, so I brought up that he should probably come to church. At that point his wife chewed him out pretty good! Not really they were both laughing about it they were'nt really fighting, but she definitely got her point across because first thing sunday morning he came walking into church with his family and she looked just as happy as can be! Also Weekends got baptized this weekend!! See what I did there? Even missionaries make jokes. It was a way awesome experience. there were actually about 13 people who got baptized between the two branches here. Also, fun fact, I am now working in the branch of the church that is farthest away from church headquarters in Salt Lake. There is literally not a single branch farther away. We are a 3 to 4 day bus ride from any church built buildings. It's just a great place to be. Love you all so much,
Elder Jensen


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