Monday, January 9, 2017


Dear everybody,
Have I ever told you how much I love my job? It is the greatest. This week was awesome. President Foote and the assistants were here all week which was great. We were able to do interviews, go on splits, and finished it all off with 22 baptisms as a zone on Saturday!! All in all, just a great week.

Hopefully you all remember Frederic and Eleanore. They were the family I talked about right when I got here to Tamatave, and they are just awesome. Anyways, they got baptized on Saturday, which was just about the greatest thing ever. Also Clovis and Jaqueline came to church again yesterday! We are sending the information over to the missionaries in Toliear (A long ways away) so that they can get all of the paperwork for us and then send it up with transfers next week. That way they can get married and eventually baptized! Life is great.

So this week I decided to start a very long and in depth study on the fourth article of faith. In case you aren't familiar with that one, it's the one that starts out "We believe". If you didn't get that joke, you should probably go read the articles of faith again. Anyways, I started out by studying about faith, which I am still going on right now. I have decided that there are many levels of faith, starting with simply having a desire to believe and going all the way up to having a perfect knowledge. I spent about three days studying on a having a desire to believe. I think that my favorite example of this came from the wife of King Lamoni. This takes place just after Lamoni's encounter with Ammon. He has prayed and then fell to the earth as though dead. A few days go by and everyone thinks he is dead. Everyone except for his wife, who is clinging to this hope that he is still alive. She goes to Ammon and asks for advice. Ammon tells her that on the next day, he will rise. Now this is a woman with absolutely no spiritual knowledge, but she believes him. She doesn't know HOW he will rise, or WHY he will rise, but that doesn't matter. All she knew was THAT he would rise. And that is faith. The Lord has all knowledge, and all of our knowledge comes through him. If there is something we don't understand yet, maybe we weren't supposed to. Many people question Joseph Smith's vision because they can't explain it. Some even go as far as to question the existance of our Heavenly Father, simply because they can't explain it. Well, maybe we weren't meant to. If we could explain every little detail of the gospel we wouldn't need faith any more. Christ suffered and died for us. We can't really explain how or why it happened, and we don't need to. All we need to know is that it happened. THAT he lived, THAT he died for us, and THAT he is risen and lives still. Love you all so much. That paragraph made sense in my head, hopefully I wrote it down right and it makes sense to you. 
Elder Jensen

Scripture of the week: 2 Corrinthians 5:7

 Here in Madagascar even the cats eat rice

 That spider is about 4 inches across and the white thing is the egg sack. He just eyed me down a whole lesson.
Frederik and Eleanore 

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