Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Great Week

So this week was awesome, as always. We had some great progress with some great investigators, and things just all went smoothly.
So our biggest progress this week was with Ndriana and Lucy, a family we've been teaching for a while now. They have been coming to church for about 9 months now, but just aren't married yet. We finally gave them a hard bap date for Feb. 4 and have set in an almost (I hesitate to say completely) foolproof plan in to place which, with the help of a pastor about 50 kilometers away, just might have a chance. We will see what happens there and I will for sure keep you all posted.
This week in my studies I continued to study about faith, more specifically focusing on Peter. I love this guy, he is one of my favorites in all of the scriptures. I love how much passion he has. I actually was reminded of something I learned playing football, all those years ago. If you're going to mess up, at least do it at 110% effort. At least that way you know that it wasn't just a lack of effort that made you mess up, and you can fix things and move on. Ol' Peter had more than his fair share of mistakes, but he was never kivy about it, he just kept on pushing forward until he got it right. That's why I love Peter. Love you all so much, you're great,
Elder Jensen
Scripture of the week: Matt. 14:29

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