Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Just Another Day in Paradise- July 24, 2017

Dear Family,

This week was great. A lot of our investigators have been going on vacation lately since their school just got out, and most of them won't be back until after I am home, but hey, that just gave us time to find even more cool people!!!

Some of my favorite people that we have found this week were Dino and Clemondine. They are siblings, Dino is 20 and Clemondine is 14. They are living here in Tamatave going to school, but their parents are about 100 kilometers away. They are both super smart, but they live in a really small house and are kind of just scraping by. Dino is actually in his second year of medical school. Like I said, really smart. We went to visit a less active bebe (bay bay) (grandma), and she wasn't home, but the neighbor's door was open so we went and talked to them and they let us right in! I guess Dino has been coming to our English class for a while now and even already has a book of Mormon that he's been reading, even though he has never taken the missionary lessons. They weren't able to come to church this week, but they have accepted to be baptized! They are progressing very well and I am super excited for them.

That's all I have to say this week, I'm kind of short on time, love you all so much,

Elder Jensen

Scripture of the Week: Ether 12:4

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