Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Just Another Day!

Hey Y’all!!
Madagascar has been great! Still doing great here!  This week was a little bit slower than usual but still loads of fun! Elder Koplin got sick Thursday so we didn't go out. Also yesterday we literally visited 15 investigators in an hour and a half and not a single person was home. Bummer. Also it has been raining a lot. Turns out I was wrong last week when I said that it's not the rainy season. The rainy season is now. The Cyclone season is what they call January and February Literally we will be in someone's house teaching standing up because we're up to our waists in water. Loving Madagascar though! We have also hit a bit of a road block with Billy and Stephie. We tried to give them a bap date this week and as it turns out they're not married! Nor can they get married because neither of them are Afaka bac (that’s the equivelant of a high school diploma here). Anyways bummer days. Out of time here! 
Love you all!
Elder Jensen


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