Monday, November 23, 2015

Ryker is wearing Crocs

Hey Everybody this week has been crazy so I'm gonna start off with just a brief overview. We got transfer news and me and Koplin are staying. The house is going down to 6 people. Everyone is super excited. Wore crocs to work for the first time because we got soaked. We caught a lizard!! The work was hard because Elder Lake's comp is already gone so he's been coming with us and we have had to work his area some. And also we got robbed last night!!!

Ok so first thing is first. Transfers have been announced and they are going to happen wednesday. Every companionship in the house is getting split up this transfer except me and Koplin so the house is going to look real different next week. Excited for my last transfer of training though! We got soaked a couple of times too! Wore crocs  to work all day yesterday so that was pretty dope. Glad it's totally ok to do that here because my shoes are soaked! Now for the investigators of the week. Hardy and Onja. We got them as a referal from a member family that is awesome. Those same members have been helping us teach them which is great because member present lessons rock. Anywho, they are supposed to get baptized on December 19 so now we are up to 4 baptisms on that day. Can't wait! Anyways love you all so much and sorry my emails are short and kinda suck but I'm a crappy typer so mah bad.
Elder Jensen

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