Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hey Everybody!!!
Happy Halloween from Madagascar!!! We don't actually celebrate Halloween here but it was fun anyways. Can't believe how fast time goes. Today I have officially been out for 2 months. The rain has started to come here. In fact, I have never seen so much rain in my entire life. It comes down so hard. Haha then I comment on it and Elder Koplin laughs and says just wait. Apparently the real rainy season doesn't start until like January. This is just a sprinkle. We tried to teach a lesson in a little house with a mud floor and a tin roof. That didn't really work in the rain. It was so loud on the roof that I couldn't hear a word that was said. We found some cool people this week though! We met Billy and Stephie and have taught them 2 lessons. Haha we were a little shocked when we tracted into them. We knocked on the door and he came out and we asked if his parents were home. He said nope but his wife was and we just kind a stared at him. Turns out he's 22 and she's like 19 I think. He's a really smart kid. I still don't know what his job is, but they have a really nice house for being such a young couple. I mean really, really nice. We taught them the first lesson and it went great! We were asking questions and they knew the answers and they would ask awesome questions and Elder Koplin would answer them and then a couple minutes later I would figure out what they asked!!! Hahaha it went great. We came back a couple days later and taught the book of Mormon and it went great too! They had already read the first pamphlet so we gave them a Book of Mormon. Then we went next door to his brother and sister's house and guess what!!! His brother didn't want to learn. At all. But he pulled out a guitar and had an awesome jam session because they all play freaking great and know a bunch of English songs! Not going to lie, Hero by Enrique Iglesias trunked me out hard core. It was good though we had loads of fun. It was also zone conference this week, you may have seen it on Sister Foote's Instagram. They talked a lot about finding the elect. The thing is that everyone in Madagascar will let you in and will hear your lessons and take your books, but no one wants to do anything about it. We have to start looking just for those investigators that are willing to really work and keep commitments and accept the gospel, and if they're not going to progress then we can't waste time teaching them. There are a lot of people in Madagascar and we are only here for two years. I guess that means that we're going to have to start dropping a lot of investigators but it really is a good point. We also had an amazing meal. They made pulled pork samiches!! So much better than the rice and laoka or Raman noodles we usually eat. It was freaking amazing. All in all, another boss week on the other side of the world!! Love you all!!
Elder Jensen

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