Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Well everybody, it was just another week in paradise. It actually started out a little rough. Tuesday ended real poopy. Wednesday I started to feel really sick towards the end of the day. We got up Thursday and weren't sure if I was going to be able to work, but I dragged my but out the door anyways. Boy am I glad I did. We found a way awesome family that is already reading the Book of Mormon every day and are just way awesome. The the week continued and we just kept finding way awesome people. We found 3 or 4 new investigator families that are way cool and taught some really awesome lessons. I think my favorite was a guy named Naina and his family. He is literally one of the all around best people that I have met since being in country. He just cares so much about other people and it's really, really cool to see. He is a teacher here and also coaches a club soccer team. He is just a great guy and really interested in the church. The only problem is that he is on like the high council of his Lutheran church, but I think that it will work out. He says he will come to church next week he was just busy yesterday. There were so many other cool people but he was just a way cool guy. Also, a little bit of bad news. There was a fire here in Fort D last Tuesday at about 3 am. 106 Homes were burned down to absolutely nothing. Literally all that is left is a couple of cement pads that We’re underneath some of the houses. The houses of 2 recent converts were burned, and one's sister died in the fire. They were both from the other branch, but it's been really great to see the other members here come together to help out. We actually went this morning and helped with the cleanup so that they can rebuild. So very grateful for the gospel. Love you all so much,
Elder Jensen

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