Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Church Rocks!

Dear everybody,
I just thought I would let you know, in case you didn't already, that our church rocks. This week was great, also a little weird. We had a lot of splits and things, so I only actually worked with Elder Coleman twice this whole week. We worked together on Tuesday, which was fun. We had a wedding for a couple of investigators!! They moved into the jungle on Wednesday and won't be back for like 2 months... Bummer. Wednesday started off good. Then right about the time we went to leave we ran into a problem. Elder Ulrich had an ingrown toenail which has slowly been getting worse. I don't know if you remember him but he was one of my comps in the MTC. Anyways, me and my other MTC comp Elder Nelson performed surgery and just amputated his foot. Not really, but we fixed it as best as we could. Anyways he took the day for some rest but we went on half day splits  so that their area didn't die completely. Then Thursday was the same but they split with the other elders down here instead. Friday I was on a split with Elder Maluleka because we had BAP INTERVIEWS!! 5  of them!!! Mahala finally got over his cigarettes and Elvine is in the jungle right now getting her birth certificate so that they can get married and baptized this week!! Way stoked for that one. They all passed and are really really excited. Saturday we had another split for another bap interview, this one for Selmans' sister. Their parents still aren't married yet but she doesn't want to wait any more so she is going to go ahead and get baptized on Saturday. Sunday was good, we had a lot of investigators at church, but Elder Coleman was really sick, so I went on a split with Elder Koplin, my trainer, and we worked half days in both areas. All in all, it was a great week and I am way too excited for these baptisms coming up. Life is great, love you all,
Elder Jensen

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