Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016- President Foote Visit

Dear everybody,
Things are still going good here in Mada. Check that. Things are going great here, we had an amazing week. As far as work goes we kinda got pooped on, but it was a way uplifting week just the same. You know why? President Foote came down!! He was here for a few days and just left this morning. The church here in Fort D is still just 2 branches, not even a district yet. Because of that, President Foote has all the keys to the Melchizedek priesthood here and basically has to run the church here. He usually tries to come down once a transfer. This transfer we had interviews with him. It was just great to have a sit down conversation with such an amazing man. I learned a lot about a lot of things and it was just a great time. Then we had a baptism on Saturday!! And on top of that, President brought a mission call with him for a sister here! They get mailed to him because it is such a remote place so he just brought it down with him. She has been called to serve in the coolest mission in the world. Right here in Madagascar!! It was just a great day. Church went great, we had 24 investigators show up, most of whom were fairly new people. Then to top it all off, we spent the morning at a lemur park with president. Just a way great all around week. I will make sure to include some pictures next week, but my computer is being dumb right now. Love you all,
Elder Jensen

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