Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016- Just Another Day in Paradise

Hey everybody!!
I am sitting in this very nice and overly priced cyber cafe right now watching the rain and trying to come up with a reason to not have to walk out in it. Things are still great here in Fort D though. We had a very, very average week. Nothing big really happened it just kind of went. 

We have been having a lot of success lately with maybe 5 or 6 families. The problem is that other than those 5 or 6 families, we don't really have anyone to teach. We tried tracting which of course never really works much. It was a lot of knocking on doors and a lot of people let us in, it just wasn't the right people. We kept finding people who were very prepared to listen to a white guy speak Malagasy, just not ready to accept the gospel. Finally we gave up on that and I went back to the Finding New People section in the Preach My Gospel. By the way anybody getting ready for a mission should read that book cover to cover because it is great. It talked a lot about working with members for referrals and new ways of contacting people. I went back through the Area book for the last couple of years and found the member that seemed to have been the most prepared to receive the gospel. It turned out to be the first councilor in the branch presidency, Odilon. He has been a member for 3 years, got married in the temple and is just a major powerhouse now. We set up a time with them and went over for a visit. Basically we just asked them to tell us their conversion stories and what led them to the church and I am now way excited to get out and try the things we came up with. 

Studies this week haven't really been anything super deep or special, just a whole lot of preach my gospel stuff. I will have something better to write about it next week.

Love you all so much.

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