Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Dear everybody,
Life is still good here on the big island. We had some successes this week, and President Foote came down for a visit. We have a lot of investigators progressing really well and all in all it was just great.
As far as work things are going well. We are still finding a lot of success and actually have been working a lot more with part member families. We actually have 2 or 3 less active members returning to activity because their families are becoming involved in the Gospel now and it's a way cool thing to see. So things are still great as far as that goes.
Studies this week have been a little bit different. I didn't actually spend a lot of time in the scriptures but I spent the week in the area book. That has kind of become a forgotten thing here in Mada, but I got sick of tracking so lately we have been spending time looking for less actives and part member families, and then trying to get referrals from them and also involve them in the teach. It has been working way, way better.
As far as crazy things to happen this week, President Foote showed up!! We at least knew he was coming this time so we had a little bit of time to prepare. It was great having him down again though, and we even made him dinner at our house so it was a great weekend.
Love you all,             
Elder Jensen,
Scripture of the week; Mosiah 4;19

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