Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Missionary Life

So this week went fairly well and we had some adventures for sure. We covered everything from being sick to drunk people to splits and just were going and going and going all week.

No rest for the wicked I guess. 
The work this week went fairly well. We found/were taken to one way awesome family. What happened was that we had a meeting with President Fetra, the Branch President, about getting help from members and also about some less active members in our area. He asked if we knew a certain family, whom we of course had never met. So we made a couple of phone calls and then finally just went to the people's house, who are way close to the church. Turns out they were ex investigators! They had already learned the Gospel for a full year and come to church every single week!! Turns out it was the week of their baptism, and there was some confusion over the bap interviews. By that I mean there was a lot of confusion over the bap interviews. They got kinda scared and also a little insulted by a few things, and ended up not getting baptized. More than that, they stopped coming to church. It was really just one big misunderstanding so we spent about an hour and a half apologizing and just talking it out. They told us that they would think about coming back but we will see. 
So this week Elder Lake also had an adventure. He bumped in to a 2 headed dragon right in the middle of Family Home Evening with some members. I'm going to assume that not many people who haven't been to Madagascar know what that means, but it suffices me to say that he got very, very sick. We also had a few very odd situations thrown at us over the week. People here in Madagascar see a white dude who teaches about Jesus and they just think that we can solve all of their problems. One man came sprinting down the little dirt path to catch up to us while we were out tracting. He then pulled out of his backpack a whole collection of documents and things in French that I am pretty sure said he was a crane operator. He refused to speak Malagasy to us so instead we had to deal with his broken English. Either he wanted us to hire him (because missionaries always need crane operators), or he wanted us to send the papers to America so that someone would hire him and fly him over there to work. Basically we told him we couldn't help him but that he should come to church and that was that. 
Love you all a whole awful lot,
Elder Jensen

Scripture of the Week: 2 Cor. 1:3-5


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