Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Emergency Transfer

Hey everybody,
So we had a very eventful week this week. It started with a call from President saying that I am being emergency transfered! I'll explain that one a little bit later. Then after that the week was spent teaching some great lessons and saying some very, very hard goodbyes, and we ended it with another DIT foot surgery!! I didn't actually have to help this time (halelujah). All in all, we had ourselves a great adventure.

 So on Tuesday at around 8 in the morning Elder Maluleka's phone went off. Elder Maluleka is our district leader here in Fort D and just an awesome missionary. Anyways he was to be emergency transferred back up into Tana (the capitol) to be the Zone Leader in south zone. Not a really big shocker, we all saw that one coming. Then President Foote shocked the world by asking Elder Maluleka to please hand Elder Jensen the phone. I was also to be emergency transferred up to Tana, to be the North Zone Leader. Trust me I was just as shocked as you are. The two of us were supposed to get on a plane at 3:20 Saturday afternoon to fly us up to Tana. 

So because of that, we spent the week saying goodbyes. Mahala and Elvine were probably the hardest. They are now preparing to go to the temple next year. That's quite the ordeal here, Moreso than probably anywhere else because we are on an island so they have to fly all the way to Johannesburg to the nearest temple. We also said goodbye to a bunch of other people, members, investigators, old friends. It was a fun but very sad time. Then came the big morning. Saturday. There was a baptism for some other missionaries that morning so we all got ready and set that up. At about 7 we got a text from our Branch President saying that our flight time may have been changed to 7:50 am and that we should check on it. We called the APs and they said that they were in province so they hadn't heard anything, so we just assumed that we were good. Big mistake. At around 8 we heard the only plane in Fort Dauphin take off, without us on it. We made a few slightly frantic phone calls and found out that it had indeed been changed. The airport let the church travel agent know, who emailed the AP's, who were supposed to call us. They however were driving in the middle of nowhere to visit a town with no reception and thus had no idea what was going on. Our flight has now been rescheduled to Tuesday morning, so we will head out then. Good times right? Hahaha it ended up good though, I got one more Sunday and one more P-day here and that's enough for me. 

 This week I have been studying Christ, especially the way that he interacted with people. He always used parables that related to people because in that way people could understand the very hard things that he taught. He called fishermen to be his disciples and not rich educated people because he knew that they would be humble and teach people with love. We teach people not lessons because people matter, not lessons. I learned some really great things to apply in teaching and I feel like it has helped a lot. Love you all so much,

Elder Jensen

Scripture of the week: Matt. 13: 10-13

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