Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another Crazy Week in Paradise

Dear Family,

First off I want to say sorry that I am so late. The AP's were out of town yesterday so we got stuck running a bunch of errands and things for them, and we ended up having to cyber this morning. This week was absolutely crazy, we were up at 5 a.m. every single day for some reason or other and basically just worked until we dropped.
So this week was crazy, we had a District Leader Training meeting, a zone meeting, and 3 consecutive splits. It was just exhausting, but it was also the best week yet.

I want to tell you about my friend John and his family. About a month ago we were walking down a really skinny path way out in the country side when we came across a very very drunk man. As we tried to squeeze past him without making a big deal out of it he called out to us and stopped us. He told us that he had a very big problem. We told him that we could see that. He said he wanted to change so we asked him to just tell us where his house was and we would swing by when we got the chance. He insisted that we needed to go home with him and teach him, so we followed him across some rice patties to a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. There we met his wife, Mamitiana, and his three little boys, one of which was about 2 months old. We sat down and talked for a minute and them just gave them a first and a Word of Wisdom pamphlet. He is basically over the alcohol at this point, after a couple of relapses and a couple of very emotional lessons, and he and his wife finally came to church sunday!! They are scheduled to be baptised at the end of November and hopefully,
I will still be here for that. 

Love you all so so much, you are the greatest,

Elder Jensen

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