Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pastors...The Struggle is Real

Dear Everybody,

This week was a lot of fun. We were still out for the first couple of days but we got back out to work Friday and we hit the ground running. The work is going very well and all of Tana seems to be just loving missionary work.
So after about 3 more days of bumming around the house (3 straight days of studies) due to more foot issues, we were finally back out to work again. It was great because rainy season also started on Friday. Not officially, but it was the first time it has rained in about 6 months. That means that it will probably rain every day for about the next 6 months. We got hit really hard on Saturday,  it basically just flooded the whole city. We were in the middle of nowhere walking across rice patties when it hit. We were on our way out to John's house at the time. I don't know if y'all remember John, but I think that I have told you about him. He's the one that we met drunk on the path who is doing awesome and getting baptized next month!! So we basically just took off on a dead sprint through the rice patties. They were all flooding over all around us and we were trying not to fall in and it was raining so hard that I could really see anything and it was pretty intense. So anyway we finally got to his house and he was like what the freak are you doing here it's raining!! He let us right in even though we were soaked and just after we got in the door it started hailing about the size of marbles! Not like little marbles either, I mean the really, really big ones. So we taught John and his family a way awesome lesson and it was just a great time. I love rain.
So in studies this week I read a lot in the Book of Mormon. I think that the book of Mosiah is one of my favorite ones. I think that King Benjamin is one of my favorite speakers and we can learn so much from the few chapters that actually come from him, especially about charity. I also really like Abinadi and how bold he was in sharing the gospel. Those guys are two of my favorite examples of missionary work.

So one other funny thing that happened this week! We have been trying really hard to just be really excited about everything and talking to everyone lately. So on Sunday morning about 30 minutes before church started we went out front of the church to greet people before the meetings started. We were basically just inviting every single person that walked past to come in and go to church. A couple of minutes in we talked to a man who wasn't very happy with what we were doing. He told us that the only salvation comes from the pastor that has a church about a quarter mile up the road. He of course was on his way to this pastor's church at the time. We politely told him that the only salvation actually comes from Christ and his Atonement and he went on his merry way. About 10 minutes later he came back with the pastor. The two of them shook our hands and then walked about fifteen feet up the road, hid behind a big sign, and then continued to tell everyone who walked past to not even talk to the white dudes on the side of the road, just stick your chin up and keep walking. They even tried to tell our branch president that as he walked past. Most people didn't listen to them, and we still talked and laughed with people as they walked past. Nobody ended up just coming off the street to church with us, but it was fun all the same.

So anyways, Love you all,

Elder Jensen
Scripture of the week: Romans 1:16

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