Monday, April 10, 2017

Close Call

Dear everyone,

Life is still great on the other side of the world. After a very long and stressful couple of days, Clovis and Jaqueline's papers finally came in at the last possible second and they were able to get baptized on Saturday, that was a great day.

So Tuesday we already had their baptismal interviews, which they both passed. Then all that was left was to wait for the papers to arrive. They were sent from Toliara last Thursday, so we were in for a nailbiter. Thursday night, very late, a full week after they were sent, the papers finally made it here to Tamatave. That made for a frantic Friday morning of trying to put them all together and make it work out, only to find that one was missing. All of this work and we were still missing a paper. Then somehow, almost miraculously, we found in their old cupboards a diferent paper that had the same effect when we got to town hall. It all worked out and we were finally able to get them married on Saturday morning before being baptized on Saturday afternoon. Baptizing Clovis was interesting because he is as tall as I am and the water was only just above knee deep, but we made it work. I love this family so much. They have been learning since before I got here and wanted so badly to be baptized but thought it would never happen, just because of all of the problems, but the Lord always finds a way.

So in my studies this week I looked a little bit in to self mastery as a part of repentance. It is a very hard part of repentance. Some old habits are very very hard to kick. I really like the scripture of Mosiah 3:19, it's one of my favorites. As it says, we must be able to put off the natural man if we are ever going to be able to return to our father in heaven. That means having enough self control to be able to change and put off the natural man.

Love you all,

Elder Jensen

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