Monday, April 24, 2017


The editor of this blog had to find a picture of a rainstorm so that the blog would upload correctly. This picture was not taken in Madagascar. 
Dear Family,

This week was great as always. We had a lot of splits. Since there are 4 of us we spend most days with 2 elders in our area and then 2 of us spend the day with another companionship in another area, just doubling the work and trying to help them to build up a program. It has been going great so far, and we have an exciting couple of weeks ahead.

Tuesday was a great day, I got to spend it with Elder Leo. I don't know if you remember him, he was my first companion out in Tamatave, we served as zone leaders together. When he left, he whitewashed an area in Tana, and so we could get together again here now. The day went great, we tracted most of the day and found 5 new families for them to teach. One of the problems with splits is that we only really see people for the first day, and never really find out what happens afterwards, but it was great to be with Elder Leo again. 

So, every Thursday we make a 3-hour drive through the jungle to a place called Moramanga. It is a tiny little branch of about 40 people and there are currently no missionaries serving there, but the members worked so hard at finding referrals for us that once per week we go out there to teach. The road is narrow and winding up and down mountains and through the jungle, and I would say that there are more potholes then there are actual roads. So, driving home from Moramanga was my first experience behind the wheel since being a missionary. As you could assume I was a little rusty. So, we skipped town at around 4:30, a little later than we were supposed to. About an hour down the road it got very very dark. Then the rain hit. Now when I say rain I mean thick Madagascar rain that comes down in waves and threatens to wash you right off the road at every second. And then came the fog. At this point I could no longer see the road, and we had to simply follow the taillights of the guy ahead of us. I'm not going to sugar coat it, I have never been this scared while driving in my life. So, there we were, in the deep jungles of Madagascar feeling about as lost and insignificant as we could, when a very unexpected calm came over me. I can't really explain it. I felt that our Heavenly Father was there. I knew that He knew me, and that He loved me, and that he was ever so aware of 4 of His missionaries, even in the deepest corner of His world. Somehow, we made it back to Tana safely. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us. He took care of us that night. I know that He knows us, each of us, by name, and that He is pulling for us to make it always. I am so very grateful for all the experiences that I have had so far on my mission.
Love you all,

Elder Jensen

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