Monday, April 10, 2017

Conference, Broken Toe and Transfers

Dear Everyone,

Yes I really did mean to put that as the subject and yes I know that I am a week late. Conference is just a little bit slower getting to Madagascar, so we finally got to watch it this weekend. As for the broken toe, don't worry it wasn't mine. And the final news of the day, I've been transferred!!
So first off conference was great as always. I loved all of the talks that were given. I think some of my favorites were the ones by President Nelson, Elder Choi, and also Elder Sabin. I think that the thing that impressed me the most about conference was all of the talks about the family, and how a family has to work together and help each other so that we can all receive eternal life, and I guess that I finally just realized how much that the family really is central to our success. That was just one of many things, but conference all together was amazing.
Now for the broken toe. Due to a tragic accident involving a falling chain in our home, Elder Koncurat broke his toe on Tuesday. He broke it pretty bad too. We spent the day at the hospital getting x-rays and checkups and such, only to find that he is going to need surgery. Well, surgeries cannot be done here in Madagascar according to church policy, and since he only had one transfer left, on Thursday Elder Koncurat was put on a plane and is now in America. We were pretty sad to see him go, but I guess sometimes life just comes up fast. 
So we thought that because Elder Koncurat had to leave that I would be staying in Tamatave. Well, we were sorely mistaken. On Friday I got a call from President Foote saying that I was moving back to Tana. I will now be working in the Anjanahary ward. That's right, my first ward of my whole mission! I am way excited to get there and get started. I am actually here in Tana now. 
All in all, it's been a pretty great week. That's all I got for now, love you all.

Elder Jensen

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