Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Operation Smile 2

So, since I have already skyped home and talked to most of you, I am just going to use this week's email to talk a little more about operation smile. Operation Smile is a charity which provides free surgeries to those who were born with a cleft lip or palate. On Friday and Saturday, we screened 532 patients, meaning that we basically took down all their information and gave them a checkup to make sure that they qualified for surgery and did a basic diagnosis. Actually, the doctors did that part I just kind of took down information and translated for them. Saturday night the doctors stayed up all night going over the records and made a program for the week. Sunday was rough, we screened 532 but only had time to do 160 surgeries, which meant that some just couldn't be done.
We spent the day Sunday telling people whether they were getting surgery, which was rough because many more couldn't be done than could. The rest of the week was spent taking care of patients and such, and I even was able to watch a few surgeries. All in all, we were able to finish surgery for 166 patients. It was a really really great experience and I was so grateful for it. Love you all, that's it for the week,

Elder Jensen

Scripture of the week: D&C 18:10

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