Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Travels- June 5, 2017

This week was great. We did a little bit more traveling again, which I talked about just a little bit last week. Sunday we left right after church for Antsirabe, did a zone conference there and then spent the night. Then we left for Ambositra the next day. We did a zone conference there that morning, even though there are only 2 missionaries there, and then president left Elder Lehnardt and I there for splits while he went on to Fianarantsoa and Toliara. I was able to spend a couple of days on splits with Elder Smithson and Elder Christensen, which was awesome they are both great missionaries. President came back earlier than expected so we weren't able to work there as long as we had hoped, but, we were able to get a lot done anyways and we came back up to Tana Thursday. It ended up taking us most of the day to get back. The rest of the week was pretty normal. Next stop, Tamatave!! We are going out there for the district conference with President. I can't wait to see all of my old friends again, but we will talk about that next week.
In other news, Marcelin came to church again! He is still very excited to be baptized on July 1st. This week we were able to get his family involved as well. We taught him with his sister Olga and her husband Francois, their son Valimbavaka (that means answer to prayer), and also Marcelin's other 2 sisters, Lany and Helia. We taught them about Joseph Smith one night, prayer the next, and the Book of Mormon the third time. At the end of the second lesson, we invited them to pray, and Olga said possibly the best prayer that I have ever heard from an investigator. I have heard some very strange prayers over here. Some pray to Jesus, others pray to the Holy Ghost, once in a while we even get someone praying to Mary. Once or twice I've even had people just not understand the first at all and pray to Joseph Smith. That was before I spoke Malagasy. Anyways she said the most amazing prayer I have ever heard. The spirit was so strong, and afterwards she agreed to be baptized. All in all, just a great week.
This week for studies, I have been looking a lot into the priesthood, more specifically what it means to be a worthy priesthood holder. The priesthood is a great gift from our Heavenly Father. He gives it to us in order for us to be able to better help our fellow Bretheren. Being a priesthood holder has a lot of different parts to it. Part of it is knowing the scriptures. Part of it is fulfilling church callings and responsibilities. A very big part of it is serving others. We are called to represent Him and to carry out His work. It's a big responsibility. So very grateful for the priesthood and it's influence in my life. Love ya all,

Elder Jensen

Scripture of the week: 121:41

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