Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ambositra- May 29,2017

Dear Family,

This week was once again great. I am currently in Ambositra (aka the middle of no where) praying that at some point the internet decides to work long enough to get the email out. We are currently on a series of zone conferences moving down south. Yesterday we did a conference in Antsirabe, and first thing this morning we went down the road to Ambositra. Even though it's a small place, it is famous for wood carvings and paintings and stuff like that, which is pretty cool. 
So one other cool story, we were out tracting last week and we met marcelin, who let us in to his home. He promised us when we left that he would come to church the next day, which wasn't super abnormal. We left and as we talked about it later and figured we'd never see the guy again. Well, he didn't come to church but we weren't super surprised. Then last week we went back to see him again. He told us that he had searched all morning sunday and just could not find the church. Yesterday we met him down the hill from his house and walked with him to church! He has already accepted a bap date for July 1st and is on the right track!

Ok sorry everybody, this bad connection is getting annoying. Love you all! Congrats to everyone who graduated this week!

Elder Jensen

Scripture of the week: Ether 12: 25-274

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