Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Antsirabe Rainstorm

Hey Fam!!!

First full week in Country!! This place is great. Elder Koplin is actually the Zone Leader here in Antsirabe which really means that we have a lot of splits to go on. Tuesday I went with Elder Lake in his area and he has actually only been here like 6 weeks longer than me so that was interesting. He's really Mahay though so it went pretty well. We even taught a Deaf man named Joseph! That was really hard actually but he was really, really excited to learn and he can read so we managed. I even picked up a little bit of Malagasy sign language!! It was pretty awesome. Wednesday we taught Rolondo again and gave him a Book of Mormon so he could really start progressing. He was in Tana on Sunday though so he couldn't come to church. We usually don't have much of a problem finding people or talking to them, the problem is that the men in this country are never home and we can't teach unless there is a man present but, it's all good. Thursday I went on a split with Elder Nelsen who's been here a year and it was fun! His companion was the last one who worked in our area so he showed Koplin all of the investigators in our area right now. I still don't actually know most of them but I'm learning. And yesterday we taught the coolest guy ever!! I don't actually even know his name we never asked. We taught his whole family about a week ago and started teaching them but he was in Tana. He's a police man, and we were shocked because right after we walked in he went and got his Book of Mormon. In French and Malagasy. We never gave him either of them. Apparently he has already been taught. In 1997 he met the very first missionaries here in Madagascar. He learned from them for a while but then had to move for his job so he never actually got baptized. Now he has to go back to Tana on Wednesday but hopefully we can meet up with him again before then. The language is coming pretty well I think. I can teach the whole first lesson fairly fluently. The people here all talk with their hands so it's not super hard to understand them. The problem is that I understand when they say it I just don't know how to say anything back! It's ok though that's by far the hardest part. The weather here is perfect. Antsirabe is the coldest place in Madagascar and the elevation is about the same as Provo, ha, ha.  Elder Koplin just came from the hottest province here so he has been freezing! We got caught in our first rainstorm last P-day after I emailed and had to take shelter under some people’s roof for like an hour. I personally think it was one of the top 3 rainstorms I've ever seen but apparently it wasn't even bad. Go figure. One thing about Madagascar is that every area we're in is completely different. Antsirabe is a pretty big city but our area is like a 5 minute walk away and it is rural farm country. I have actually taken some really cool pictures but I kinda, sorta left my cord in our house so I'll have to send some next week. Hope all is well! Love you guys! 
Elder Jensen

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