Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ryker Ate Crabs- December 7,2015

Hey there everybody!!
How's life back stateside? Things are still going great here in Madagascar! We had a somewhat eventful week. On Tuesday we were sitting in this little epicery we always go to drinking a coke. Epiceries are this little roadside shacks that they sell food and stuff out of so we come to these a lot. Anyways this is our favorite epicery and the lady there loves us so she lets us come inside and sit down. So we were sitting in this epicery and this dude comes rolling up on a bike with a big box. So being curious we asked what was in the box. And he said there were a bunch of drakaka. I looked at Koplin and was like “what the freak is a drakaka.” He replied with “dude, how much money you got?” Long story short, the coolest missionaries on the planet bought themselves a bunch of live crabs on the side of the street planning on having them for dinner. We then realized that we have no Idea how to cook crabs!!! So we went to our favorite old bebe (malagasy grandma) and asked for cooking instructions. They still turned out awful so we just took them back to bebe and she fixed them for us but that was an adventure and a half!! Killing them was the hard part those suckers were mean. So that was a fun little story. Thursday President Foote was passing through town and stopped by the house to make us omelets and I'll tell you what, that dude makes a mean omelet, it was amazing. Plus eggs are super cheap here we buy them for the equivalent of 10 cents a piece on the side of the road. The chickens here are all scrawny and nasty though I'll have to send a picture sometime. It makes me miss my chickens back home. On Saturday one of the other missionaries in our house had a baptism but we had to leave a little early. Turns out the other mission house in our zone locked themselves out of their house and the only other key was half an hour away in Manadona. So of course since Elder Koplin is the only one here allowed to drive we got to go all the way out there and get the key for them. It's a beautiful drive I took some pictures for ya. Now on to some more spiritual matters. Lalaina has been coming to church because he's a baller. I'm still not sure we're going to catch his Dec. 19 bap goal but we're going to push for it! The APs weren't able to get that birth certificate so Elder Koplin went down with the other Zone leader and a couple Malagasy missionaries to see if they couldn't get ahold of it. Hopefully it works out! I'll let you all know next week. Love you everybody!!
Elder Jensen

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