Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Week in Paradise- January 25, 2016

Hey everybody!! Just another week in paradise! Like always there were some ups and downs. To be honest it was just another week for the most part. All of our investigators are doing great. Progressing really well. We only had 7 at church this week which was a bummer. Thing is there were only 2 that were the same as the week before. Also some rough news, Lalaina didn't show up. Now we're going to have to push back his baptism. Again. That's ok though because things are still going great!! And my man Prosper came to church. He learned from some missionaries a while back and is a way cool guy. Thing is the missionaries before couldn't get him to progress and stopped going back. We stopped by one day and talked to him for a bit and it was great!! We have to take it slow with him just because he doesn't always get things the first time. The other day he told us how he read about John Smith and how him and his three brothers killed Laban and stole his gold... Yeah we cleared that one up in a hurry. Anyways he came to church and as it turns out one of our most active members was one of his best friends from way back!! So that was a cool little connection. I think his baptism will be a ways out and I don't know if I'll be here to see it but it is coming. Just one more story this week cause it's a really funny one. This just shows how much apostasy exists in this country and how much we deal with it on the daily. I have had 2 separate people in the last week tell me that Jesus was not the Messiah. In fact, he lives on Jupiter!!! Did y'all know that?? Haha apparently he only has power over the extraterrestrials and the fazimba (little people). The real Christ's name is Yeho Soa. Turns out he's already here!! We just don't know it yet because he's invisible. Who woulda thunk? Hahaahah yeah that was two separate doors we knocked on. We got a lot of work to do here. Love you all so much!!!

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