Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MTC 110%

September 23, 2015
Dear Fam, 
Have you ever heard the expression "Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to days."? Well it applies to the MTC 110%. Every day seems so long, just because we are busy the whole time. But then we look back and a week has gone by and we don't have a clue where it went. I feel like just yesterday I was sending you all an email, and here I am again. 
It's the craziest thing in the world. I honestly don't remember what happens most days. If I wasn't keeping a journal I don't think I'd remember any of it. It has been so great though! The last of the Lithuanians left on Tuesday, so now our whole zone is made up of our Malagasy district and the Malay district. That totals up to 11 people, which is crazy because our zone covers 8 different languages. We have all gotten really close though, as a district and with the Malays. 
Their classroom is right next to ours and their bedrooms are too, so we see a lot of them. They're really great guys. We play stupid games with them at night when we're bored. Last night I ate a spoonfull of hotsauce because I lost at clothes hamper basketball. It was awful. OH! And I finally accomplished my lifelong goal. I.Solved. A. Rubix. Cube. I can now basically die in peace with no regrets. Not really but yeah I'm pretty proud of myself. The language is coming along great! We get better and better every day. I know its still gonna be quite the shock when I get to Madagascar though, but I know I'll figure it out. Our lessons are going great. We started this thing called TRC last week and it was good. It's where they bring in some old malagasy missionaries and we teach them a lesson. Starting on Monday we Skype to members in Madagascar so thats gonna be a little bit scary. It'll work out though. Our teacher showed us more pictures from Madagascar the other day. It rains so much. We'll be getting there just in time for the rainy season too. He told us that when it rains there they are walking knee deep in water after like 45 minutes. So no dad, I will not be laughing at you from warm Madagascar. Hahaha. I'm excited so excited though I can't wait to get out there. 
As of yesterday we are over the MTC hump. I believe we only have 18 more days to go. Oh! and thank you to everyone who has been sending me things, whether it be letters or dear elder messages or packages, you have no idea how good it is to hear from home. Sorry I can't write more, ya'll know I'm a slow typer. Love you all so much!! Can't wait to hear from you!! 
Elder Jensen

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